Whidbey Island's Little FREE LIBRARIES Guide

A Great Way to Exchange Books in the Community

March 25, 2021

Whidbey Island is home to many FREE "Book Exchanges", known as "Little Free Libraries".

These free book exchange sites are open to anyone, of any age, to "Take a Book, Leave a Book". 

The idea for these miniature libraries is said to have begun in 1996 in Wisconsin, by the late Todd Bol. He created one in honor of his mother, to spread the love of reading. His non-profit organization “Little Free Library”, offers a world map of chartered libraries for readers to find.  

Libraries officially registered with the non-profit organization total more than 75,000 libraries in 88 countries around the world.  For just $40, a “Little Free Library” host receives an engraved charter sign for their library and is posted on the world map for others to find.

Whidbey Island’s Free Book Exchange Sites: On the map at, there is an approximate total of about 20 chartered libraries on Whidbey Island.  However, residents have created a far greater number of their own book exchange sites throughout the lsland.  These sites are located outside homes, schools, businesses, and other places.  

To assist you in finding them, Whidbey Island Macaroni Kid has created a “Little Free Libraries” Guide, of both "chartered" and "un-chartered" free book exchange sites.

Are you the host of one of these free book exchange sites, and not listed in our guide?

You’re welcome to add your location to our guide.  Simply "click here" 

Whidbey Island's Free Book Exchange Sites:

Oak Harbor:

Charter #16520: Molly Peterson, 2649 West Beach Road

Charter #34073:  Virginia’s little Library, 2798 SW Fairway Point Dr.

Charter #117411:  Fireside Neighbors, 1771 SW 16th Ave.

And, also in Oak Harbor:

Boys and Girls Club of Oak Harbor (Hosted by OH Emblem Club)

SW Erie Street

Girl Scout House: 759 SE 5th

Regency on Whidbey, 1040 SW Kimball Drive

Windjammer Park

Hillcrest Elementary (Hosted by OH Emblem Club)

Olympic View Elementary

Broadview Elementary

Oak Harbor Intermediate School

Best Friend's Veterinary Clinic

Douglas Street, Rolling Hills Neighborhood

Phillip Street, Rolling Hills Neighborhood

Mariner's Cove Neighborhood

Sparrow Drive, Oak Harbor


Lagoon Point Neighborhood


Charter #107320: Callen’s Library, 12981 State Route 20

Charter #16986: Magnuson Little Library, 1247 Admirals Drive

Charter #110182: Shire Library, 875 Keystone Hill Rd.

Charter #55542: Johnson Library, 220 Kineth Point Place

Charter #96852: Pages on Pennington, 992 Pennington Loop

Charter #73325: Inn's Library, 605 NW Madrona Way

Charter #75021:  Evans Library, 220 NW 1St St.

Charter #30501:  Friends Coupeville Library, 24 Front Street

And, also in Coupeville:

Ledgewood Beach, South of Coupeville, on Alderwood


Charter #48265: Gwen Coughenour, 2122 Shore Ave.

Charter #20179: Bellewood Books, 1381 Bellewood Lane

Charter #7038: High Street Vista

Charter #2609: Little Free Library, Address not listed

Charter #3893:  Little Free Library, Address not listed


Charter #27971: Bayview Farmers Market, 5603 Bayview Rd

Charter #69913: Good Cheer Food Bank, 2812 Grimm Road

Charter #41016, Dandie Dinmont Terrier's FLL, Coles Rd And Overlook Dr

Charter #30069, Rhonda Salerno, 738 Sandy Point Road

Charter #105423, BIPOC lit matters, 402 Anthes Ave

Charter #110045: Saratoga Special, 4657 Greenbrier Ln

And, also in Langley:

* 4th street in Langley right up from the Methodist church


Charter #116397:  Scatchet Head Little Free Library, Intersection of Blakely and Hat Streets

Charter #3951:  Little Free Library - Possibly Hilltop Neighborhood, Address not listed

Charter #83077: Matt's Import Haven, 6446 Harding Avenue

Charter #7275:  Little Free Library, Address not listed

Charter #12159:  The 24/7 Library, 5085 Zimmerman Road

Charter #5866: Little Free Library, Address not listed

And, also in Clinton:

6991 High Meadow Rd, Clinton