Help is Here to "Practice. Progress. Succeed."

Meet Best Foot Forward Learning Center of Oak Harbor

October 9, 2020

Is schooling this year a challenge?  

Or does your child need someone to answer questions as they work, to inspire them to "work smarter, not harder?"  

Would you like to separate homework struggles and stressful emotions from the relationship with your child?

Best Foot Forward Learning Center is for You!

Experienced teacher and certified conflict resolution and mediation, Jennifer Lieurance, loves being a part of a student's success.  

She brings twenty years of teaching a variety of grades and learning circumstances, ready to be of service to your family.  

Jennifer will help you navigate the challenges of school and homework.

Some of Jennifer's Qualifications:

* Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction for Literacy:  Reading, Writing and Study Skills

* Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation

* Teaching experience in middle and high school grades, including an alternative high school

*  Experience as a virtual teacher for online schools

* Parental experience, currently the mother of a teenager

Why Best Foot Forward Learning Center?: 

Their Motto: "Practice. Progress. Succeed."

Much of the arguments and turmoil in a family's daily life can be attributed to homework or school issues.  

Does that sound familiar?

Jennifer has the valuable combined experience of conflict resolution and mediation, in addition to her teaching experience.

She has seen in her teaching experience that a student's school work, organized and with support, can often be completed in less time, with better results.  

At the learning center, or virtually, Jennifer can help your child be on-track with assignments, and provide mentoring in academic skills that will benefit them tomorrow as well.  

At the in-person study table, as well as during virtual check-ins, students will receive encouragement and inspiration to persevere with "academic love" from a teacher who sees them as able individuals, and, who will be there for them as they endeavor towards their potential this year.  

Mentorship in learning skills, getting the schoolwork done - and, less school-related stress at home.  

You'll feel a whole new outlook on the school year ahead, and so will your child.

Best Foot Forward Learning Center is affordable, offers specific skill or subject support, and will be a valuable partner in your child's academic success.

**See below for their current special!

Best Foot Forward Learning Center Services:

Study Table/Homework Help:

The learning center provides a quiet, separate-from-home space, where your child will have access to both a learning coach, and a certified teacher.  

Students in fifth through twelfth grade will not have more added to their work load at Best Foot Forward Learning Center.

They will receive assistance with assignments as needed, with mentoring in study skills, note taking, organization, and other skills they need to succeed.

Sessions are approximately two to three hours in length, or as indicated for your child's individual learning environment. 

Light snacks and water will be available.  COVID-19 health mandates in place, masks required.

Virtual Check-Ins:

For the student who needs help with organization, time management and staying on top of assignments, projects and due dates.

30-Minute virtual sessions will be used to help guide students through remote learning and hybrid learning.  

During these virtual check ins, your student will be able to get help and support with:

* organizing and prioritizing assignments, deadlines, projects, due dates
* homework support
* time management and setting a routine to successfully complete course work
* encouragement, problem solving, progress monitoring

Conflict Resolution and Mediation:

Schooling at home can also lead to relationship issues with your children, if things are not going well.

How can you and your child set a course of shared rules, boundaries and goals - without it melting over to other areas of your life together?

Jennifer's Conflict Resolution and Mediation services can assist you in experiencing less tension at home and more enjoyment of time spent away from school work.

Contact Best Foot Forward Learning Center today.

Affordable session packages and individual services are available. 

Current Special:

$12 an Hour 

OR, 10 Hours of Service for $100!

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