Got Weeds? Tall Grass Or, Dog Do-Do? Hire Poop Team 6!

August 2, 2019

Conrad Useman was installing gutters when he kept stepping on dog poop.  After cleaning his shoes a number of times, he got the idea that someone could get paid to "scoop the poop", for the busy property owner.  Fast forward to December of 2018, when he and his wife Shannon, became known as "Poop Team 6".  

The Usemans are helpers at heart.  It's their first priority when serving their clients; they want their service to make their customers lives easier.  As they travel their route between Mount Vernon and Clinton, and many stops in between, they've made a whole lot of new friends, human and four-legged.  Once they have completed their meticulous, "quick as ninja" pick-up of their client's yard, they take the time to "chat" or play with the furry residents as well.

Their detail-oriented cleaning also includes the use of covered shovels, to avoid contamination between clients.  Small pieces of garbage in the yard is picked up too, leaving the whole area looking great.  "Poop Team 6" want to ensure you are happy with their work.  They are as friendly as they are precise.  You and your pets will look forward to their visits and, the beautified landscape they leave you to enjoy.

Shannon and Conrad care for their clients like neighbor and friends.  They love to see the pets and the people happier that their space is cleaner.  Hiring "Poop Team 6" will give you the gift of more time and space for playtime. 

Or, you could give the gift of "Poop Team 6's" service to neighbors or friends of yours - it's sure to be appreciated.

In addition to picking up after pets, "Poop Team 6" also offer the following services:

* Mowing

* Trimming

* Weeding flower beds.

"Poop Team 6" is available for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service schedules - however often you'd like some help, they will be there!

There are many occasions you or a friend could be in need of hiring "Poop Team 6".  Several seasons of life including moving to a new home, the arrival of a new baby, surgery or injury, busy schedules, or just to do something nice for someone you know - call "Poop Team 6".  

They would love to help you out - and you, will be happy you called.

Now that's it's summer-time, you'll also meet the "Poop Team 6's" daughters, who love to to help Mom and Dad.  The girls are learning the value of doing their best and and serving others.

Call or text: (360) 672-0781.

"Poop Team 6" is a licensed and insured local company, serving both residential and commercial customers.

Their service area includes: Mount Vernon, Anacortes, and all of Whidbey Island

Visit their Facebook page to view their excellent customer reviews and meet some of their happy clients!: