"Work-at-Home Opportunities" on Whidbey Island

September 14, 2012

Here's a Guide to Businesses YOU Could Do at Home

By: Amy Hannold, WIMK Editor
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I often get the question, "Do you know anyone who is hiring?"  I may or may not have a connection for them, but I also encourage them to consider entrepreneurship.   As a life-long resident of Whidbey Island, I've met a lot of people who have made friends and income operating a business from home.  Home businesses range from Independent Consultants for a direct sales company, to creating your own products to sell, and a service or skill type business.    It's an option for someone who has a passion about a particular type of product.

This month, Whidbey Island Macaroni Kid is featuring a number of "Independent Consultant" opportunities, from a variety of companies.  In the future, we will feature guides to other home businesses, so that our readers can be introduced to those in our community who make a product or who own a service-oriented business. 

Each of the moms featured in the "Work-at-Home" guide are excited to introduce you to their company, and tell you a little more about the products they are passionate about.  For shopping, or if one peaks your interest as a potential business opportunity, we've provided the contact information.  This feature will be up for a month, so feel free to take a look at it now, and again later in the coming weeks.  We want you to "meet", all of the fabulous moms in our "Work-at-Home" guide.  By the way, if you have a direct-sales business not represented here, please contact me and we'll talk about featuring you as well.  

Avon:  Avon's products sell themselves. Women (and some men) love Avon. To become an Avon representative, the start-up cost is just $10 and there's no need to purchase an inventory of products.  AVON - The Company for Women and a Few Good Men!

Celebrating Home:  Celebrating Home has brought together the 'best of the best' in joining Home and Garden Party and Home Interiors & Gifts.  Each Designer is completely in charge of her own business hours with full support from the home office team to work an hour a week or full time.  Join for $119 (or less with special offers) with the opportunity to earn rewards with your first $1 in sales.

Jamberry Nails:  Jamberry Nail Shields are latex and gluten-free nail shields, that are applied with heat (a blow dryer).  They are made completely in the USA.  Jamberry Nail Shields last 2 weeks on fingers and 4-6 weeks on toes.  When you're ready to remove them, you can do so with a blow dryer, nail polish remover or olive oil. They come in over 200 different designs. 

Miche: Miche is an amazing line of interchangeable handbags and accessories that will keep you looking stylish and trendy at an affordable price!Miche is an amazing company that allows you to earn an income while having fun and meeting new people!  You can become an Independent Miche Representative for as little as $199!

PartyLite:  PartyLite is one of the largest direct sellers of home fragrance products, including fine-scented candles, flameless air-care and home fragrance accessories. Our exclusive formulas call for the finest ingredients to create the best burning candles available anywhere.  PartyLite is "Your Business, Your Way": Work when YOU want, as much as YOU want and make the money YOU deserve!  Discover a business opportunity that can be whatever you want it to be...that can help you live the life you want to live.

Scentsy:  Scentsy is easy to use even for the newest customers and easy to sell even for the newest consultants. Scentsy is made up of a variation of warmers with over 80 scents to be used within them, as well as other in home scent products.  Looking for a rewarding career that works with your schedule? As a Scentsy Consultant, you’ll set your own hours and have fun while you earn.  Owning your own business gives you the freedom to work when you would like and how often you would like.  You make the decision on how much you will make each month, the sky is the limit.

"Stella & Dot":  We believe everyone deserves great style, fun and opportunity in their everyday lives, and we're dedicated to providing it in a personal way. Let’s talk business and passion and flexibility and fabulous rewards. Life is too short not to have all of that go together. Launch your own social selling business as a Stella & Dot Stylist and create the success you deserve. The empowered community of Stella & Dot entrepreneurs are ready to cheer you on every step of the way

Thirty-One: Thirty-One offers many ways to simplify your life in style!  I would be honored to have you as part of my team! I know you will love owning your own business, achieving success, meeting new people, and best of all, having fun! Whether you need extra money for preschool tuition, mortgage payments, a family vacation, paying off debt, or just extra cash for the family, Thirty-One offers a great opportunity! And I’ll help you achieve your goals every step of the way.

Visalus Body By Vi - How about losing the weight and getting paid for doing so?  Living paycheck to paycheck, come see how this company can provide more for your family than you can even imagine! Who wouldn't want the freedom to do what we really want to do with our lives?  Whether it's weight loss you are interested or making money or both, we will cover all the bases.

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